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The traditional method

The seller lost a huge £2,300 on this standard method of sale.

1. Valuation

A typical Trade-in or Buyer will offer you a low value based on a value of around 10-25% lower than Market Value.

Initial Offer - £7,000

2. Negotiation

Buyers will then find flaws such as scratches, scuffs and anything possible to further lower the value.

Car sells for - £6,300

3. Resale

The buyer will then resell your vehicle at auction or direct to Car Sales companies for the true value of the vehicle.

Buyer Sells - £8,800

The Carluxx Method


1. Carluxx Valuation

Receive a valuation on your vehicle from us and accept the best offer you will possibly receive guaranteed.

Offer - Between
£8,000 - 9,000

2. Direct Sale

We buy your car for £8,800 what a typical trade in would sell it for at an auction, cuting out the middlemen.

Car Sells for

The Seller cut out the middle man and sold the car for £2,300 more than using todays traditional car selling methods.

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Getting the best value for your car doesn’t have to be difficult.

Selling your car online can be a daunting task to say the least, the time it takes to arrange multiple viewings, questions you don’t know the answer to and offers that seem severely tipped in the buyers favour. Enter Carluxx.

We take the confusion out of selling your car by offering a simple, and completely online service that you can use direct from your mobile phone. Receive a free online valuation of your car and only receive the best offer on your vehicle direct from us.

With car collection direct from your location, it’s a simple and hassle free way to get the most value from your vehicle. With sales agreed in as little as 1 hour, Carluxx revolutionises car sales.